NUCLI Analytics

Requirements and Features


RDBMS Version
Minimal source Oracle Database 10g (10g, 11g, 12c)
RDBMS Edition
Oracle Enterprise Edition and Diagnostics Pack
AWR Configuration
AWR Interval 15 minutes, no needs configuration about retention
Tested in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer


Web-based interface
SSL access and data encription
AWR Retention
No limit for AWR Retention in NUCLI Analytics
Activity Charts
Charts based in Active session history with average and maximums on any dimension of ASH
Statistics Charts
Charts based in Deltas mixed with average of active sessions
Metrics Charts
Charts based in System Metrics (Database and Host) with average and maximums
Save Charts configuration
Save chart configuration in knowledge base
Label Elements
Label elements to group them in User Defined filter
Consulting & Support Module
Open Service Requests on different topics and attach charts configurations
Database Module
Knowledge base related with charts configurations saved