NUCLI Analytics

Instant ROI in Oracle Database performance

NUCLI Analytics is an innovative software platform that radically improves the ORACLE database performance tuning process for mission critical systems. You will be able to Identify, analyze and resolve Oracle database performance problems in less than half the time you use to. Today hundreds of Oracle DBAs use NUCLI easy-to-use business intelligence tools to save time and rapidly identify application performance problems and find the optimal solution. No other Oracle tool implements the functionality of NUCLI Analytics

NUCLI Analytics allows performance boost by 65% in average. You will be able to find big issues right away and increase database performance in the first few days. Test and use NUCLI Analytics and improve ratios about:

50%: Developing and Testing

Save up to 50% of time developing and testing Oracle Database based applications

50%: Infrastructure Resources

Save up to 50% of infrastructure resources

90%: Systems Downtime

Reduce up to 90% of systems downtime

90%: Database Tuning Efforts

Reduce up to 90% of time used to Oracle database tuning

90%: Analysis Reporting

Reduce up to 90% of time used to analysis reporting

With Nucli Analytics you have Immediate and continuous knowledge of application behavior and you can Access to information so far not available. You can compare old data with recent data and locate any problem related with new application deployment, new hardware upgrade, new software upgrade, ... and have access to immediate support on experts field

And this means that in terms of

Improved levels of application service in terms of
Continuous ORACLE database services auditing. Exact knowledge of the Oracle database platform consumers actors
Exact knowledge of the problem causes of loss of service regarding
Improved quality of application development and improvement in the quality of projects (e.g. migrations, tuning…)
Continuous reduction of the use of Oracle databases platform. Monitoring for your ORACLE database services with an easy reporting tool
Help to Architecture teams